Earnest Sewn designs for Helios House gas attendants

Well this is a first. Would you pump gas if you got to wear a Earnest Sewn designed uniform? It’s not for Target, or Gap, or H&M – yes, it threw me for a second too. And you have to actually pump gas at BP’s new eco-friendly gas station in Los Angeles, Helios House.

The hand sewn Earnest Sewn designed gas station uniforms were designed to “pay homage to the tradition and history of the service station in a literal way by referencing silhouettes from 1950s American station attendant uniforms.”

I must admit, they’re pretty cool looking. Though how would they look on someone who’s not model sized?


  • Jessorz says:

    Isn’t it a bit impractical to make them white?

    They are pretty cute for gas station uniforms, though.

  • The How To Girl says:

    That is a good scheme to lure people to pump gas, though I’ll alway remember the chant from Bring It On:

    That’s alright, that’s ok. You’re gonna pump our gas some day…

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