Dolce & Gabbana pull their S/S 07 ads

Dolce & Gabbana h › Edit — WordPressave pulled their latest ad which shows a man pinning a woman by her wrists received widespread criticism claiming that it condoned violence against women, pictured above.”We have decided to cancel … the advertising image that has caused such repercussions within human interest groups and individuals,” Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said in an emailed statement.

Though this wasn’t their stance last week when they defended the “artistic” ad against criticism from the Spanish Government and said Spain was “a bit behind the times”.

“We were looking to recreate a game of seduction in the campaign and highlight the beauty of our collections,” the designers said.

“It was never our intention to … offend anyone or promote violence against women.”

Shame all this debate about the ad has come down to this, while I was initially shocked when I saw the ad, Dolce & Gabbana are just not the kind of designers who would promote violence against women. Considering they designer ultra sexy clothes for women.

When this whole debate errupted a in January this year I didn’t think it would come this far.


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  • Elsa says:

    Dolce gabbana and other Italian brands ( such as Roberto cavalli) consistently have this idea of vulgarity comming back again and again. It isnt surprising to see violence in their adds at all. Their campaigns are very often shocking, sometimes in a interessting way.

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