Bloggers a little to fast for Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten

We’ve all read about how fast news can be reported on online thanks to the internet age, and it seems it was definitely a little too fast for Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten collection for Steve & Barry’s.

According to the

Fashion blog Fashionista, published photographs from a password-protected area of a preliminary Bitten web site intended only for long-lead-time monthly magazines. When attorneys from Steve & Barry’s requested Fashionista remove the photos, it did, but by then dozens of other blogs had already posted images, giving plenty of potential customers the chance to put in their two cents.

“I always thought SJP had great personal style, now I see she had a great personal stylist! They look a lot like those clothes she modeled for those Gap ads she did a while back, especially those cuffed jeans!” said one commentator on Fashionista.

Oops. Apparently Fashionista received an anonymous email from someone who claimed to work with the Bitten team which said that Stev & Barry were trying to redesign the pieces before June 7 (the Bitten launch date). “The e-mailer speculated the change-up had perhaps been prompted by the online storm of criticism,” says the

This is interesting. Goes to shows blogs and the online medium can have a huge effect on what goes on in the (fashion) world, as well as being a fantastic place for people to gather opinions on brands and products.

For more on the whole Sarah Jessica Parker/Bitten and Steve & Barry’s saga, read it at

Did you see the Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker for Steve & Barry photos? I’m sure they’re still online somewhere. I suppose at the end of the at day at least it’s affordable, even if it’s isn’t fashionably ground breaking.

[Edit May 21 – See more images of the Bitten collection on Oprah here]

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