3 Questions with: Andy from Denimology

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First up – Andy from Denimology.

– Tell us more about Denimology
Denimology grew out of my search the perfect pair of jeans. I figured that I couldn’t the only person out there that was obsessed by denim. It has been going a year now I think it’s fair to say that it’s the best source of denim information online. It provides news and photos of all the latest denim trends, along with competitions, interviews with top denim designers and celebrity denim style tip.

– What jeans are your all time favourite jeans? Are you wearing them now?
My favourite jeans change all the time. My current faves are Studio D’Artisan SD103. I’m not wearing them now – I am currently breaking in a pair of Samurai s5000vx.

– Who do you think looks the hottest in jeans/denim?
Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham

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