We’re having a Sydney fashion bloggers meet!

A few fashion bloggers and I who are based in Sydney (or happen to be in town) are having Sunday brunch one weekend.

Are you a fashion blogger who’s in town in the next few weeks and want to pop along? Send me an email ASAP and I’ll let you know the details.


— Covering Australian fashion because we’re an Australian blog


  • Gala says:

    Envious! Does anything like that happen in Melbourne? I am quite keen to organise one if not, but I don’t even know if there are many fashion bloggers in Melb., if at all!

  • The Bargain Queen says:

    Thanks for the mention Helen! I’ll put up a notice on my own blog in the next few days, too. I’ve contacted every Sydney fashion blogger I know of, but undoubtedly there’s one or two I’ve missed…

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