Sexy, everything about Salon Kitty is so sexy

I have a slight obsession with sexy dresses at the moment. Not slutty sexy, but gorgeous sophisticated sexy. I didn’t think I’d ever find affordable dresses that fit that description – not in store anyway. But it seems that I was wrong, I can. And they’re Aussie designers.

Salon Kitty is a UK based website that stocks some amazing dresses that fit the description for lust have dresses. I currently have my eye on four dresses.

Left to right: the One Teaspoon Peacock Garden dress caught my eye for the floral print and plunging neckline, then the Billion Dollar Babes mini goddess gown (on sale) with the sequined waist line. The One Teaspoon’s strapless Peacock Wife dress can be dresses up or down, and then there is Charlie Brown’s black Voyeur dress with it’s figure hugging curves… hot.

Check out for more fabulous Aussie designer pieces.

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  • shoppershopper says:

    i am a huge fan of Salon Kitty also. though living in california, we have many options as well. i always find really lovely dresses by Ingwa Melero, Diane Von Furstenberg and Catherine Malandrino… at Bleu on La Brea.

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