Sasha Pivovarova models the Prada LG phone

What do you think? The photo of the Prada LG phone advertisement was taken outside a Prada store by Scott Schulman.

Sasha looks like she was punched in both eyes. Black eyes are really not becoming. Though I am a little bias because I definitely prefer Gemma Ward over Sasha Pivivarova.

It is clever that they’ve put the picture of Sasha inside a giant cutout of the Prada LG phone.

The Prada LG phone is due in stores by the end of the month (so next week) if you’re in Italy, the UK, France and Germany.

(image via Imaginary Socialite)


  • LA Woman says:

    this model always has that “black eyes” look! I thought I was the only one who thought it was gross. Gemma Ward is for sure way better – she looks heathy and has colour in her face – no matter how much make-up Sasha has on she looks wrong – she to me is the sort of model who is the unheathy thin look.
    Can’t wait to see the phone none-the-less. Is it quite similar to the apple one?

  • Kasey says:

    Sasha looks scary!

  • kt says:

    sasha is tons hotter than gemma. and edgier

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