Give the gift of the Break Up pack

I know I should have given you all a round up of some fantastic Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but after being shown the ‘Boys Are Stupid’ break up pack, I think a anti Valentine’s Day gift is definitely more ideal.

The ‘boys are stupid’ break up pack consists of a clever little book reminiscing all the reasons boys are stupid (and you should throw rocks at them – remember that flash game available online ages ago? Well this is the book version), Emergency Chocolate, because there aren’t any stupid boys around to tell you not to eat it, and a mini bottle of Johnny Walker so you can ring him up and tell him he’s stupid.

The Boys Are Stupid break up pack is available from Adore Gifts – and if you don’t thinks boys are stupid, they also have a Bar-b-bloke pack, or a Dirty Weekend pack for you and your man this Valentine’s Day.


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