Gemma Ward body slams for Dior Spring 2007

The photographs weren’t shot by Nick Knight, but they sure look like they do.

Instead the photos of Gemma Ward “body slamming” for John Galliano at the photo shoot for Dior’s 2007 Spring Summer campaign were shot by Craig McDean.

The photographs required Gemma to leap backwards repeatedly into a glossy, gray paper backdrop – cushioned with a mattress, mind you. But try doing it all day and you wouldn’t been a happy girl. “Gemma was body-slamming the whole day,” John Galliano explained to the

“I did get a Christmas card from her, so she’s alright,” he joked.

The ads are due to appear in the March issues of magazines. They’re pretty. Nothing ground breaking, but it is classic Dior circa the 2000’s.

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  • Jennifer says:

    I must admit although there isn’t as much ‘technical work’ done to these photos or any special effects i must say they are very classy.
    I lvoe them

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