Fendi Fall 2007 to walk on the Great Wall of China in May

You’ve got to give the Karl Lagerfeld major kudos. Who else would dare to take an entire catwalk show on to the only man made building that can be seen from the moon. He is planning to restage the entire Fendi Fall/Winter 2007 show on the Great Wall of China.

“We’re not talking backdrop. The entire wall will function as a runway for the show,” Fendi’s chief Michael Burkesaid. “We’re turning the wall into a street. You know, we’re from Rome.”

“It’s all about the opening of China, not just economically, but also from an artistic and cultural point of view.” Lagerfeld said he’s been to China before, “but not that part.”

The show is scheduled to take place May 24, less than a week after Lagerfeld presents the Chanel Cruise collection in LA. But Karl isn’t concerned. “I have a lot of people working for me, like Mao,” Lagerfeld quipped.

(source WWD, catwalk images from Style.com)