Amber Valetta for Stella McCartney S/S 2007

I think the look for the Stella McCartney S/S 07 advertising campaign was that a Stella girl is a glamorous superstar, with Amber Valetta as the party-hardy Stella girl this time around.

I must the ads look a bit odd and slightly messy. I’m not quite fond of the green, blue and white halter neck dress and the fact she’s all glammed up but with no shoes… at least she’s only prancing around the bedroom. But I do love the white dress Amber has on in the black and white background. The puff sleeves, themini skirt hemline, LOVE.

I can’t wait for the Stella McCartney for Target Australia collection to hit stores next month.

What do you think of the Stella ad?

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  • Jade says:

    Personally, I think the ad looks like a teenager has gotten carried away with photshop and imported whatever they could find onto the main picture. Wait. Actually, I’ve seen better photoshopped stuff done BY teenagers. So yeah.
    But I do like the background image, it’s so pretty!

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