Yes, big bags are bad, but we love them anyway – just ask the Olsen’s

Yes, big bags are bad, but we love them anyway – just ask the Olsen’s

There have been so many reports about how big bags are health risks – as if we couldn’t tell since we’re the ones carrying them.

“The problem with carrying a heavy bag is that while it may not cause you an injury at the time you carry it, over time it has a cummulative effect, and we’re certainly seeing more instances of back pain triggered as a result,” says Tim Hutchful of the British Chiropractic Association.

“The worst case scenario is that you injure your neck by stretching the nerves. But carrying a heavy bag over one shoulder also causes you to totally shift your body’s stance as you hike the shoulder up and, over time, this can shorten the muscles resulting in a twisted or lop-sided body position, that in turn can lead to back pain.”

But just try telling that to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They love their big bags, and walking through the airport on the way to Sundance, they’re carrying gigantic ones.

Just check out that over sized Hermes Birkin Ashley is carrying. You could probably fit her in there.


  • babydoll says:

    it sucks when the bags are bigger than you.

  • Chrissy says:

    I think Big bags are bad becuase it give me an excuse to carry more stuff. and then comes the pain. As longs as you only carry what you need(leave out the just in case I need a curling iron kind of stuff), you will be fine. I refuse to carry a bag that is less than a foot in width and hieght. I just simply can’t can’t covert back.

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