Witchery do the Marc Jacobs Mouse shoe

Ok so it’s not identical, but for those of us who have been lusting after various versions of the adorable Marc Jacobs Mouse flats, you can now get a similar version for only a fraction of the price.

And Witchery are doing it in blue patent leather (pictured above left), as well as black suede and chalk leather.

Only it’s called the Amy Buckle Trim Ballet Flat.

If you’re a MJ purist though, you can pick up a gold pair of the Mouse shoes from Net-A-Porter for £187.23 (pictured above right).


  • Sophia says:

    i actually think the witchery ones look cuter than the MJ! am i crazy? those are SOOOOOOOO cute! cant believe im not in australia anymore!!! ='( i miss all the aussie designers *sob sob*
    but then, witchery shoes never fit me because im a small 35! =(
    hope i can find something similar here in hong kong though hehe!

  • Helen says:

    I know what you mean Sophia! But I wanted the MJ Mouse shoes when Net-A-Porter had the red leather ones… anything else isn’t as fabulous!

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