Sping 2007 campaigns: Lindsay for Miu Miu, Jamie and Natalia for Calvin Klein

We’re in the midst of watching picture perfect men strut down the catwalk of Milan for men’s fashion week. But when pictures of the Miu Miu and Calvin Klein campaign rolled in, we couldn’t help but stare at how much Lindsay Lohan had been airbrushed for the Miu Miu campaign (pictured above)!

With her skin deathly pale and the striking colours of the clothes and the hair, you can barely tell it’s Lindsay. Probably for the best. It’s also interesting to see Lindsay modeling the white Miu Miu Coffer bag, and was recently snapped toting it around with it as well.

What do you think of the Lindsay Miu Miu campaign?

The other campaign to roll in was the Calvin Klein Sping campaign, featuring long time CK girl, Natalia Vodianova and British musician Jamie Burke.

It was Jamie’s first-ever ad campaign and it was his sense of style and rocker looks that drew campaign creative director, Fabien Baron to him. “You look at him and can’t help but conjure the image of icons like Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger,” he said.

Images from: here and here


  • nini says:

    I dont like her in it and its rather sad that she wasnt good enough to have been 99.9% her – .1% i assume for airbrushing. When people like Jessica Stam get on campaigns we all KNOW its her coz she looks so good on the covers!

  • Sara says:

    I agree, what’s the point in paying so much for Lohan to be in the campaign if you can’t tell it’s her!

  • Sophia says:

    i still dont think its her. maybe its a “stunt lindsay”. haha.

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