Lindsay, Keira and Jen Garner with their Chloe Bay bag’s

I might have to rethink by plan to track down and purchase a Chloe Bay bag. I have seen one too many celebrities carrying it.

The one who will make it reach its overexposed stage is the currently-in-rehab celeb, Lindsay Lohan (who’s also wearing her knickers outside her pants). But it has also been seen toted around in black and orange by Jennifer Garner and Keira Knightley

Maybe I should go through my bag buying check list again… perhaps I only wanted it because I suspected it would be an it bag?

Would you still buy the Chloe Bay bag even though its been seen on the arm of the likes of Kylie Minogue and the starlets I named above?


  • Sophia says:

    no, i wont get a bag that is on the arms of every other celebrity in hollywood… im steering clear from chloe. while they are very good at making “it” bags, they usually wouldnt last longer than 2 seasons dont you think?? im sticking with fendi and vuitton. and maybe gucci too ;P

  • Amy says:

    Aaargh, I was on the verge of buying one but now they’re everywhere! The same thing happened with my Paddington and I vowed to steer clear of Chloe, but I’ve lusted after the Bay for ages. Was gonna go for a Mui Mui Coffer until I saw a Z-List reality TV star with one…damn ‘it’ bags!
    Help! I love my Fendi Spy but I’ve used it way too much and it’s starting to get tired 🙁

  • Amy says:

    God I’ve just realised I spelled Miu Miu wrong. How embarrassing.

  • edna says:

    I know… my spy bag handle is collapsing….the metallic wiring is I stopped using it only after 7 months…i gave in and found a bag in the same color( camel) in the coveted chloe bay bag… LOVE IT!

  • Renée S. / FashionFillers says:

    The bag is loveable, but when whole celebrityland is carrying it, it will also be faked a lot. Why pay all the money when everyone has it and no one would believe it’s real because of all the fake ones..

  • Mary says:

    I bought the camel bay bag before I even knew what it was called. I loved the feel, the vintage color and yes…the tongue depressor flaps! Despite all the criticisms I just love the bay bag. I want to get the messenger bay bag as well. I don’t know maybe the chloe bay bag fairy put me in a trance.

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