Luxe to Less – bow clutches

It’s time for a new regular feature to the blog. So here’s Luxe to Less. Where you can pay a lot, some, or a little.

I thought I’d kick it off with one on bow clutches. Just because I love bows – I have way too many ribbons it’s not funny, thin, thick, and all the colours of the rainbow.

So do you want to pay £387.23 for the Chloe gold bow clutch (left). With the black crinkled leather and gold bow with black sitching, it’s definitely that will hold you in good instead or many different outfits for the next season or two.

There is also the Felix Rey Lola Satin Rollover Clutch going for $230.00 (middle). Sleek and sophisticated in satin, you could take it for a glam walk down a red carpet, or use it to dress up jeans for a night out.

Or finally, for only £15, you can pick up a ruched soft bow clutch from (right) with a smaller bow on the right hand side. The shape is slightly retro, and the ruched black leather is very now. So if you love the bow trend – for now – who needs to spend a few hundred dollars!

Personally, I love the Chloe clutch – why? it’s got a pretty bow and it’s Chloe daaaarling


  • Kym says:

    Honestly? I really love the right one from!!!

  • chloehandbags says:

    I like the Chloe Fanny (snigger!) Clutch, although it seems to be £449.00, not £387.23, unfortunately.

    I also like the design of the ASOS, but I expect the quality would let it down; as would the thought of all the Chinese children slaving away in dangerous factories to make it for such a ridiculously low price.

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