Kate Moss too old for Rimmel?

Are you too old at 33? Let me rephrase. Are you too old to front a beauty brand which is aimed at young (and sometimes impressionable) girls?

Well apparently Rimmel has been secret holding castings to find a replacement for Kate Moss who turned 33 recently.

“Age catches up with everyone-even Kate. But she hasn’t been told anything by Rimmel. At 33 she’s getting on in terms of modelling. And she recently moaned about her face, saying she needed Botox,” a source was quoted by the Newsoftheworld, as saying.

“Rimmel is a range for the younger market so that worried them. Now bosses are looking for younger models who can give the brand a fresh approach. Girls have been contacted in secret,” he added.

Kate became the face of Rimmel in 2001, and they didn’t cancel her contract when it was revealed that she took cocaine. Which turned out to be a smart move because Kate came back with a vengeance bigger than ever.

Apparently she is now in talks to launch her own make-up range. Because we need more.


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