Kate Moss tied the knot in Phuket?

I knew I should have tried harder to get my friend to go to Thailand this Christmas/New Years holiday, because that’s where Kate Moss has been rumoured to have married Pete Doherty.

According to the Telegraph:

The couple, on holiday in Thailand, exchanged vows before having water sprinkled over their heads as a priest pronounced them man and wife. A select group of family and friends attended the traditional Thai ceremony, at their luxury hotel villa overlooking a Phuket beach.

Doherty and Moss were joined by family and friends for the Buddhist ceremony in Phuket.

Moss, 32, was dressed in a white Galliano dress while Doherty, 27, wore a black linen suit and trademark pork pie hat.

A Buddhist marriage blessing is not legally binding in the UK and it is rumoured that the legal marriage will take place late this month.

A legally recognised marriage in Thailand is a complicated affair which involves visiting the British embassy and Bangkok Foreign Affairs office with documentation.

So far no photos from the weddning have surfaced.

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