It really is a collaborative world – Stella McCartney designs for LeSportsac

Put a mark on your Spring 2008 calendar. Why? Because that is when the first Stella McCartney for LeSportsac collection is set to launch.

LeSportsac and Stella announced plans to design a collection of limited edition travel bags, luggage, and baby accessories.

“LeSportsac has a strong history in making iconic non-leather goods and this is a unique opportunity for Stella McCartney to address a new category of accessories for the busy woman of today,” said Marco Bizzarri, CEO and president of Stella McCartney, in a statement.

The mother of one will design lightweight and multi-purpose collections that incorporate innovative elements of design focusing on travel accessories with an emphasis on baby. With 30 – 40 styles to debut in 2008 and a bag averaging $200 to $250, we should start saving now.

According to The Daily, “McCartney’s designs for LeSportsac collection will carry the same ethics as the designer’s current luxury non-leather accessories collection that was launched in Fall 2006.”

So does that mean they will be leather free?

The Stella McCartney for LeSportsac collection will be available in high-end department stores, Stella McCartney boutiques, LeSportsac stores, and online.