Gemma Ward to start movie number 2 in Sydney on Friday

She was spotted partying with Paris Hilton and her entourage at the trendy Hugo’s Lounge when the socialite was in Sydney, but so far Gemma Ward has been able to avoid been followed around town.

In town to film her first Aussie movie, The Black Balloon, from January 12. According to IMDB, Gemma plays Jackie who is the girlfriend of Thomas who just wants a normal adolescence. But his autistic brother twarts his chances at every opportunity.

The movie also stars Toni Collette and will be directed by Elissa Downs and shot mainly in Holsworthy in Sydney’s south west.

Ward recently wrapped up filming her first movie, The Strangers, where she stars alongside Liv Tyler as she plays a masked stranger.

But before you can see her on the big screen, you can see Gemma’s face all over a pastel coloured bus in Japan (pictured above). It’s part of the advertising campaign by Japanese cosmetic company, Kose, as they launch a new line of make up, Esprique Precious.

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[Edit – March 15]

Check out the TV ad for Gemma Ward for Esprique Precious make up on YouTube – doesn’t she look sweet?

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