You could soon smell like… Kate Moss

The WWD have reported that we could soon be smelling like Kate Moss with news that she may have signed a fragrance licensing deal with… who else, the company that has signed up every other celebrity for fragrance deals, Coty Inc.

The news follows hot on the heels of Gwen Stefani announcing her global licensing deal with Coty to develop and market her own line of fragrances,

Word at is that Moss has been talking to Coty about launching her own beauty range, and not just a fragrance.

Moss already ‘works’ for Coty, who owns Rimmel London, which she is the spokesperson and face of. So her own fragrance with the company may not be too hard to imagine.

After announcing a few months ago her plans to design a collection for UK fast fashion brand, TopShop, Moss is going to be a busy woman in 2007 if the fragrance rumours are true.

The question is, we all want to dress like Kate Moss. But do you want to smell like Kate Moss?

[Edit August 2007: Click here to read reviews of the Kate by Kate Moss fragrance]