The Chanel Coco Cabas

Add the Chanel Coco Cabas to your list of instant IT bags.

If you happen to walk past one of these bags on the street you could easily mistake it for a trash bag, but look closer.

This Chanel black vinyl Coco Cabas bag comes with the iconic Chanel chain handles, a signature double C charm and the double C etched into the side of the bag. It’s ordinary trash bag – they also retail at $995 to $1,285.

While black vinyl is the most popular, it can also come in leather and – if you can find it- satin. They’re the hottest accessory in Paris and New York, with a months long waiting list at Chanel boutiques.

It’s a shame we’re not a beauty editor or director at a top fashion magazine, beauty ed’s were gifted a much coveted Chanel Coco Cabas last week as a holiday present. They arrived in oversized Chanel boxes at publishing houses like Hearst and Conde Nast all wrapped with white satin Chanel ribbon. Talk about promoting Christmas Cheer.

Can’t stand waiting for one? Bag Borrow or Steal have it for you to borrow weekly or monthly. Get in quick!

You can even match them with these Chanel black vinyl knee high folder over boots. For pictures of the Coco Cabas bag being toted around the world, visit the NY Times and check out Bill Cunningham’s recent “On The Street” handbag expose.


  • rita piltz says:

    hi i am interested in the chanel coco cabas handbag in patent or black leather, is it available? to ship in canada.
    thanks Rita

  • Nadia says:

    They are available (vinyl) but I’m not sure how hard they are to get… and they will ship to canada (chanel boutiques) they’re chanels over there too. You’d really have to call around. And its vinyl not patent unfortunately and the leather is super hard to get that i know for sure…. If you go to the you can find all this stuff out, thats how i know so much! Good luck!

  • sejin says:

    Do you still have the bag? and how much does it cost to get one?

  • Nadia says:

    The bag from what I hear is done, because its the spring/summer season it was going for $995, they have a denim kind for this season thats going for $1295 for the large and $1395 for the xlarge… Thats all I know

  • cj says:

    There are some Black or white leather coco cabas but the stores say they are sold out with a 20+ people on a waitlist. I was on 2 waitlists for months because I wanted one of these bags and now I have an extra.

  • cj says:

    Oh the cost is 1795.00 they actually went up 100.00

  • monica says:

    I’am intrested in the chanel coco cabs trash bag in patent, let me know if its available and how much is it.

  • donna says:

    hi everyone for those of you want the chanel cabas you can find it at ebay i did seen some over there you may email me for questions regarding those items my friend who sell like that also can ship it anywhere..

  • annette says:

    I have 2 1 black and 1 white.

  • Jo says:

    hi guys, i’m selling mine on ebay, have just put it up for sale so check it out if you’d like. i’ve got the receipt and all. also check out, it provides a lot of informed knowledge, on where/how to get a Chanel handbag thats out of stock, without buying some horrid fake off the internet!

    Email me if you want any info, on anything Chanel – i’m such an addict, im practically an expert!

  • Kelly says:

    I want to get the coco cabas patent purse. how can I get it?

  • SCARLETH says:

    hi annette i would like the coco cabas bag black do you know where can i find it ???


  • Eason says:

    i would like the coco cabas bag black do you know where can i find it. Greatly appreciate!!

  • cheapvans says:

    i would like the coco cabas bag black do you know where can i find it. Greatly appreciate!!

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