More post Xmas sales to check out!

I went Boxing Day shopping, a tradition I had put aside for many years to attend the Boxing Day Test (a annual cricket match in Melbourne). But this year I was off to the city shops and managed to pick up more than a few things on my (imaginary) shopping list.

A satin bow headband from Portmans
A French Connection red wine satin top
Kinki Gerlinki navy light summer trench coat
Kinki Gerlinki forrest green bubble dress with small floral embroidery
Jemma Kidd semi permanent mascara from Kit Cosmetics

And because I do have a slight addiction for keeping an eye on what else I could potentiall buy, I’ve currently got my eye on a few online sales too. One in particular is the one at They have this divine Bonita blue silk dress by Mad Cortes (pictured right) almost $200 off the retail price would be a fabulous addition to my wardrobe.

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