Lust-have: A Chloe clutch

It was my birthday on Wednesday and of course I was surfing endless online stores for things that I could lust after (and put on my Christmas wish-list).

It all started when I was digging around my closet for a suitable clutch to go with my dress for the work Christmas party. So I was on the hunt for another clutch. My dress was a pretty Third Millenium pale pink / off white one and all my clutches were either too dark, too winter, or blue.

Then I came across the Chloe Metallic Haley Clutch.

I have never been a big fan of the whole metallic clothes look (mainly because it will come in and out of style and make you look a little bulgy like jersey). But the metallic accessories look could definitely work. The oversized buttons, and gold hardware gives the bag a bit of a 60s vibe too.

On a side note, it is probably a good thing that Bergdorf Goodman don’t deliver to Australia on this occasion.

P.S. For a clutch I ended up using a small MOR metallic silver make-up bag with a peach satin sash tied in a bow to the zip. Everyone thought it was cute – little did they know (until I told them) that it was a make up bag!

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  • chloehandbags says:

    Not a fan of this one, I’m afraid.

    I don’t think I would ever consider two round, droopy objects attached to each side of a bag particularly attractive!

    The sad thing, is that without them, it would be quite cute!

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