YSL’s Rive Gauche bag, big enough to fit your life in like Katie and Sienna

We all know big bags are in, and bag of the moment for Sienna Miller and Katie Holmes is the Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Bag (pictured above).

Let’s make ourselves clear though, it is the YSL Ostrich Rive Gauche bag that is the bag of the moment with the two highly photographed stars toting them around on both sides of the Atlantic, in the large and medium sizes.

A tweak in the Muse design (with the flap over the bag opening), the Fall 2006 offering from YSL, the Rive Gauche also comes in crocodile skin and cheverette leather. With similar hardware as the YSL Muse and two pockets on the inside, it could be a good carry-all bag.

You can buy a a white cheverette leather one from Saks or a large brown cheverette leather one from Neiman Marcus.

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