Vogue UK Turns 90 with a rather garsh cover

What do you think? It’s actually a 4 page fold out cover featuring 90 of their best covers and of course Vogue is hailing it as something truly iconic.

I suppose it is a good chronical of some of the best UK Vogue covers in it’s vast history, but as it’s 90th birthday cover? I shudder to think what it will do when it turns 100, 100 of it’s best covers on one cover? Scary.
Ohh that reminds me, I really must read my In Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine which finally arrived the other day.


  • Christina says:

    Hmmm…I don’t know. It’s a cool idea I guess but you’d think they would do something more spectacular than that for their 90th….tiling 90 covers as a front page feels so unoriginal somehow…and it doesn’t even look that nice…

  • sofia says:

    i love it though i believe it would be a better idea filling it with covers of importan people, illustrations of the 20s and supermodels of 80s and 90s;D

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