Vamp it up this holiday season

Save some time this upcoming party season by getting eyelash extensions from Skintology.

Get fun, flirty lashes instantly and throw out your eyelash curler and your mascara wand and get ready to have lashes to die for with Manhattan’s Skintology Medical Spa’s Eyelash Extensions!

It’s a new beauty trend that saves you time in the morning and gives you luscious thick lashes. Eyelash extensions may be other salon’s new treatment following in new trends, but Skintology’s resident experts have years of experience!

With proper care, the extensions can last for several months and you have a choice of human hair, silk, synthetic, or mink lashes.

Just imagine not having to remember to wash your face every night and not having to deal with raccoon eyes.

For more information visit Skintology’s website:, read more about Eyelash extensions at our Fad-ish – Eyelash Extensions.