There’s a new IT denim label in town

Launched in Spring 2005, Siwy Demin has come from almost no where (ok, downtown New York) and found itself worn by some of the most trendy celebs around.

It’s been seen hugging the hips of Kate Moss, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson and Hilary Duff.

Why? It may be because the “superlative, modern tailoring that goes into each pair of jeans is uncompromisingly beautiful as it is technical.”

The handcrafted label is also something to boast about too… which is rather strange because I didn’t think a label would be a major selling point for jeans. Apparently:

Every pair of Siwy denim is adorned with a hand-crafted label made out of vintage feedsacks. Between the 1880’s through the 1940’s the bags, as much as the goods they contained, became wildly advertised items. Although there is no definition for the term ‘feedsack’ it was an integral part of rural American life. Historically, the bags have unique patterns on them that utilize an array of colors, made from cotton or burlap woven together. Siwy utilizes this same idea to create a unique labeling system that can ensure the owner that they are not only getting a piece of American history but a unique label that the owner can really feel is special because of the limited run of labels per print.

With a great range of jeans, where some are cropped so they don’t drag on the ground at the heel, short shorts and minis, you can buy them online at Azalea Online.

For Australian stockists, call (02) 9662 6888.