Stella McCartney Care’s

“It’s the first time a luxury fashion label has taken on the organic route with skin care,” the WWD says of Stella McCartney’s new organic beauty line to be launched in the Northern spring.

“This launch is a big deal for this industry,” said McCartney, who grew up on an organic farm. A long time campaigner for animal rights, McCartney and Chantal Roos, YSL Beauté’s president and managing director (and Stella McCartney’s beauty license holder), insist, however, Care is not part of a fashion fad. “We’ve been in development for three years; we’re not jumping on a trend,” said McCartney. “I’m doing this for genuine reasons.”

Like the Stella body care range, which is full of plant extracts and organic active ingredients with no artificial preservatives, nothing is tested on animals and the formulas are just as gentle on skin as they are on the environment. Care will be introduced with a eight-unit treatment line starting in Spring 2007 with reports that it will be in the US in early February.

There will be two categories within the Care line.

Within the Moisturise & Protect category, there is 5 Benefits Moisturising Cream, which is said to moisturize, protect and firm the skin while improving radiance. The moisturizer, which also comes in fluid form, features grape seed oil, white mallow extract, linseed oil, musk rose oil, green tea extract, soybean oil and sweet orange extract.

Other category, Cleanse & Tone, features two cleansers and Toning Floral Water, plus Rescue & Revive, comprising a trio of elixirs. Care products range in price in the U.K. from ₤21 pounds for a 125-ml. Toning Floral Water spray, to ₤46 for a 50-ml pump bottle of 5 Benefits Moisturising cream or lotion.


  • Emily says:

    “Nothing is tested on animals”? All ingredients have to be tested on animals per FDA regulations. So maybe the products haven’t been tested on animals, but the ingredients sure have (a common misconception of consumers!). And FYI, these products are not chemical free!

  • Simone says:

    “Full of plant extracts and organic active ingredients with no artificial preservatives, nothing is tested on animals”…Come on guy’s this is all marketing bs. No way, these products do not contain chemicals and at least some of the ingredients have been tested on animals at some point. Just look at FDA and European regulations.

  • Candy says:

    I have been looking all over the internet for a list of the ingredients in her products – has anyone found an ingredient listing? This is a red flag, but as someone who promotes consumer awareness of how to recognize “Green Washing” I would like to have the facts on this line of products. It is hard enough as it is, then these capitalizing people come in with their beautiful bottles and expensive packaging – without true intentions and it only confuses the consumers further! I would really like to know what the heck it means to say “Active Organic ingredients are certified.” If there are chemicals in the products – it seems a little ridiculous that you would waste good certified organic ingredients by mixing them with synthetics! Kind of a “duh” thing, ya know?

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