Spotlight: Anatomicals

I love Anatomicals. Well I love that the beauty label has given itself a point of difference with the funky toungue-in-cheek names for their products.

From Stop Cracking Up, a lip balm for super smooth lips, to No Old Bags Allowed, a refreshing eye gel, they’re a brand that is not only creative but produce great products.

Developed by brothers, Paul and Gary who left their jobs in advertising in 2002 to start Anatomicals, believing folk out there wanted something more fun when they reached for their shower gel in the morning.

So if you believe the 3 essentials in life are sex, going out, and living your too-too-short life to the fullest, then Anatomicals is totally your bag.

One of my favourite product names is Snog Me Senseless (pictured), a breathe freshener of course!

Check them out now at


  • Suz says:

    I really must get ‘No Old Bags Allowed’ again because honestly it worked miricles when i had it. I need it again desperately!

  • lucy says:

    this is beatuful and pretty goods. I like it

  • Abdrahman says:

    I would like to posrpoe not to wait until you get enough amount of money to buy goods! You should just take the or just college loan and feel fine

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