Body suits: Why?

What is with the current interest in body suits? I have been doing a bit of surfing around online shops, and most major online shops seem to be selling body suits.

I know that the Eighties are continuing to inspire a lot of fashion designers, whether they be high end of you’re everyday chain store designer. But really how convient are body suits?

Imagine needing to go to the bathroom, and having to strip down to your bra just to go. And it’s not like you’re going to stop off at your local ballet studio and do a pirouette before hitting the shops or a café with your girlfriends.

You’re also not going to be suddenly challenged to a street dancing competition either like in the movies and you will suddenly find use for it. So what is the come back of body suits?

Even Aussie street wear label One Teaspoon have made one, with a rainforest print (pictured right). Errr… ok then.


  • Sabrina says:

    Bodysuits are so ugly. Especially that one. That is one trend that should have stayed in the 80s!! Throw leggings and footless tights as well, they’re just hideous to look at when they’re semi transparent

  • Robyn says:

    Bodysuits coming back as a trend makes me sad. I remember them from the first time and this makes me shudder.

    Though, you don’t have to strip down to use the bathroom, they normally have snaps at the bottom of the crotch.

    And not even dancers really wear leotards any more, besides classic ballet.

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