Australia’s Miranda Kerr a Victoria Secrets Angel

Last week Victoria’s Secret held their yearly runway extravaganza in LA and joining names like Gisele, Karolina Kurkova, Angela Lindvall and Anna Beatrize Barros on the catwalk was Australia’s own Miranda Kerr.

Currently the face of local fast fashion label, Portmans, Kerr was also present when the Angels received the Key to the City of Hollywood.

The Victoria Secret show is due to be televised in the US on CBS on December 5th.

“It was amazing. It’s just so much more a bigger production,” Kerr said of the runway show.

“There was an angel flying through the crowd and they had bagpipe players, Justin Timberlake, gospel singers … The scenery changed for each look.”

With CBS also filming a behind the scene’s special featuring Kerr which will be shown on the CBS website, this marked a significant breakthrough for Kerr in the US market.

Gosh it’s hard to imagine where Kerr got her start in modeling from, from Dolly magazine’s model search back in the 90s. I remember because (not that I want to admit it, but) I use to read Dolly back when she won!


  • Sallie McCaskie says:

    t…..awwww i love victoria’s secret!!!!! my three favourite models atm are Kerr, “here smile lights up the room” – Portmans lol, i go to erina fair sometimes and shes on it !!!! awww i wish i was am model i would love to do it, but apprently it can wreck your life and make u stress and stop eating, but that won’s happen to me, my al time favourite is tyra banks loved her since 4eva shame she left……

  • Sandra says:

    Take a look at – the most amazing photos of Miranda she does light up the room and everywhere she goes. She is the most gorgeous beautiful person and it shows

  • Ivy says:

    check out my site

  • Pottz says:

    Go the Aussie babes…

    You can find over 600 images of Miranda Kerr at my miranda website

  • nadz says:

    amanda is GORGEOUS and were so proud of her being the first australian victoria’s secret model!!

  • Helen says:

    I remember when she won the Dolly model of the year competition when I was still in high school… gosh that was AGES ago. Glad to see she has so many fans and is making it big modeling overseas.

  • Stevie says:

    How gorgeous is Miranda? They don’t come any better and I am told she has an amazing personality. The whole package by the sound of it

  • Tam says:

    Miranda Kerr is so beautiful and I found out a week ago that my friend is miranda kerr’s cousin!

  • Rita says:

    Hi I’m Rita from Lebanon. I agree with all of you. Miranda Kerr is gorgeous and she has the most beautiful and brightest smile ever. She’s one of the most talented girls and the future Victoria’s secret star. For she’s already the biggest star among them. You go girlllllllll;)You did it and you will make it to the top. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST and hope to see you someday in Lebanon live and not just watch you from the TV and hear your news from the press!!!

  • Madison says:

    Hi all,

    I hear Miranda is developing her own website and I can’t wait to see it.
    She is so amazing and so inspiring. I too would love to meet her one day.

  • steve says:

    Miranda is just like our weather in Australia …

  • Jenny says:

    Tom Tom Tom,
    Where do i start!
    Miranda and I actually know each other. We went to high school together…..And I found the dirty slag in bed with my boyfriend of 2 years.
    So how dare you call me fat when i’m a size 6 and Miranda couldn’t fit into my clothes!
    So how about you get a life Tommy-Boy!!!

  • Marisita says:


  • Tim says:

    Miranda Kerr is the hottest babe I’ve ever seen in my life! A little skinnier than I like but that smile and those eyes and that long brown hair and those small of the back dimples to go along with the ones on her face, are just amazing! My DREAM!!!

  • eden says:

    hey… i just wanna say… that i absoloutly LOVE victorias secrest and i love miranda kerr she is so preety… you all are and when im older i wanna be just like you guyz…! xoxoxoxox luv eden xoxoxoxxox

  • patrycja poland says:

    hi everybody! in my opiniom the best model is adriana lima- she is very sexy and sweet as well but i like too miranda kerr her smile is brightest, ana beatriz barros have sweet cheek. i love victoria secret!!

  • Rania says:

    Congrats Ms Kerr!!!
    Victoria’s Secret did a good thing signing her!
    She’s so pretty and Australian!

  • panayiota says:

    Miranda Kerr!woo lol she so pretty and great on the catwalk.when im older i wna be jus like her lol. but she will always probably be better than me hehe.=D

    Luv this girl xoxo

    Luv always Panayiota

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