Alexander McQueen for Samsonite’s Black Label

In July Samsonite announced that they had collaborated with Alexander McQueen to design a luxury collection of travel bags, luggage and accessories with the leading international fashion designer.

It was unveiled this month to the media.

“I am extremely excited to be able to partner with Samsonite and develop my take on luggage. The new collection will be a unique collaboration between Samsonite’s technical expertise and my own creative aesthetic to deliver a new interpretation of travel bags and luggage” McQueen commented.

The collection represents Alexander McQueen’s philosophy of juxtaposing craftsmanship with innovation, and will allow Alexander McQueen’s creativity to reach travel item buyers for the first time. The new collection will complement Alexander McQueen’s highly successful ready to wear collections.

Well I suppose McQueen’s clothes do look rather fabulous on skinny model, perhaps that’s why his new suitcases resemble the ribs and spine of that very skinny model.

“Fashion is sacrificial,” he explained. “I’ll give my body over to the general public whether they want it or not! I don’t care!”

The collection will be in Samsonite Black Label stores, Alexander McQueen boutiques, high-end department stores and online at in the first quarter of 2007.

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  • Mae says:

    Just a question for an expert fashionista like you 😉 – Are skinny jeans still in next year? And would they be the same style as this year or would they be in a different sort of cut?

  • Helen says:

    Hi Mae,

    Skinny jeans will definitely still be in next year. With fashion still focusing on the silhouette, the sleek look of skinny jeans will still be popular.

    The shape of them may change from the skin tight skinny look, to a more straight leg look where the bottom of the jean hugs less to your legs.

    And hopefully we’ve seen the last of the coloured skinny jeans!

    x Helen

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