3 weeks till another Aussie summer, it’s time for a new bikini

Left to right: Peter Alexander Camouflage Bikini, Anna & Boy Pineapple Print Bikini, Berrydog Red Flower Bikini, Witchery Ankle Tie Thongs.

In Australia we’re never at a loss for fabulous bikinis, with our surf brands, our home grown designers as well as up and coming talents, everyone eventually does something beachy to tie in with the Australian beach culture.

Peter Alexander recently added resort wear to his sleepwear collection with flowing tops and cuffed shorts to throw over your Peter Alexander camouflage halter neck bikini (pictured above left). With his affordable and comfortable sleepwear, you can expect his resort wear to be no less different.

An up and coming Aussie brand to keep an eye out for (when it comes to swimwear anyway) is Anna and Boy. Two former Australian Vogue fashion assistants are behind the sweet bikini’s so you know that you’ll be paying not only for cutting edge fashion but function as well. Though I’m a bit shocked at their recommended retail price… I suppose it’s not very Vogue to have their pieces be available to the masses.

We were also introduced to the selection of MoreSwimsuits.com, and I must say I’m quite impressed by the colours and patterns available on the US swimsuit site. And with the reversed seasons, you might just be able to pick up a fabulous bikini on sale. Perfect.

P.S. Don’t forget to pick up a pair of thongs for the beach like the Witchery Ankle tie thong pictured above right.