Rumours swirl around Paris after Yves Saint Laurent collaspes

The city of lights was swept up in rumours that fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent suffered a stroke not far from the Yves Saint Laurent boutique on Avenue Montaigne near the Champs Elysees in Paris yesterday.

According to the IHT, the legendary couturier, 70, slipped in the street in Paris, cutting his cheekbone, and an ambulance was called.

But after a few stitches, he went home to rest, according to a representative of the Pierre Bergé/Yves Saint Laurent Foundation, where Saint Laurent himself had celebrated the latest exhibition of his 40 years of design in “Voyages Extraordinaires” on Monday.

Perhaps all the fuss over Laurents condition was due to the fact that the Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2007 was shown the night before to rave reviews under the fashion houses’ current designer, Stefano Palati.

After over 40 years as creative director in 2002, Yves Saint Laurent has a history of ill health and has been treated in the past for alcohol and drug addiction.