Marie Antoinette, the opulent lifestyle of a young Queen

I was lucky enough to go to a screening of Marie Antoinette in Sydney last week curtsey of Sony Pictures Australia, the movie staring Kirsten Dunst, about the 14 year old Austrian princess who was crowned Queen of France at 18. And I loved it.
Written and directed by Sophia Coppola, it was a movie filled with beautiful scenery, amazing 18th century décor with it’s lavish drapery and four poster beds, and thee was the opulent Milena Kanoneros designer costumes and Manolo Blahnik designed shoes that had quite a cameo in the movie. (There will be a limited release of the shoes featured in the movie at Blahnik’s European stores.)

Although the movie lacked a bit in speech, it was a fantastic insight into the way of life for the French royal family. Plus it gave me a craving for delicious French pastries – bon bons, macaroons, cup cakes and of course endless amounts of French champagne.

So perhaps this could be why the movie which has come under fire from historians for its apparent lack of authentic factual events.

The France’s Marie Antoinette Association president Michele Lorin says, “I’ve seen the trailer for the film on the internet. It is a fright. We’ve spent years trying to convince people that the queen was not just a libertine who told the starving to eat cake. What do you see on the trailer? You see Marie Antoinette eating cake. You see her lying naked on a chaise longue. I fear the film is going to set us back many years.”

However, Dunst retorts that the the movie that was previewed in LA last week by the fashion crowd should not be taken too seriously. She says, “It’s kind of like a history of feelings rather than a history of facts. So don’t expect a masterpiece theatre, educational Marie Antoinette biopic.”

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  • CapemayL says:

    I attended the East Coast Premier and was surprised that Kristen Dunst was repeatedly booed towards the last 1/3 of the film. The direction was spot on, the sets and costumes was opulent yet not ostentious, but it was surprising that the crowd really thought her to be horribly cast. However, Blahnik’s shoes….they were sublime and were quite an extraordinary distraction from Dunst’s performance

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