It’s all about the self promotion

Well sort of.

You see… I was introduced to the other week when their darling PR person visited Sydney. And after being told that they could print something you designed on their flashy virtual workshop, I was sold.

I got right into it and created a t-shirt – just for promotional (and trialling) reasons of course. is barely a year old and is Australia’s first major design-online, print-on-demand T Shirt house. And they allow you to be creative while sending you a top quality t-shirt super fast (I think the turn over time from ordering to my t-shirt arriving was less than 4 days!).

What better way to show the world what you love (and do some self promotion in my case), than to create your own logo t-shirt?

It’s not hot enough for me to wear my tank top yet… though I did wonder around the office showing everyone.

At least I know in the fashion game, where generic logo t-shirts with playboy bunnies printed on them are so passé, I have a one off tee.

Design your own t-shirt with images, url’s, solgans, etc… now at:


  • Chen says:

    Thanks Helen great find, I just ordered one for my boyfriend.

  • Marissa says:

    Hey this is an awesome discovery!! I had no idea this kind of business existed! Have ordered a few tops for my friends whose birthdays are coming up and it’s actually really fun designing them online! Good stuff!

  • Mae says:

    Yes, great fun! And they’re in aussie dollars!

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