Happy makes me happy

As magazines go, I don’t usually get excited when I see the new issue on newsstands (not even the magazine I work for – but that could be because I see it get put together). Ok that’s not true, I get excited when I see a copy of UK Vogue, UK Glamour and Vanity Fair when they have fantastic covers (like the recent Kate Moss and current Gemma & George cover).

My new found magazine obsession is UK Happy magazine. It’s “your shopping bible”, filled with actual information you want to know. Like the history of a fragrance brand with a timeline of what fragrances were released when, clean layouts, and dozens of pictures of clothes you actually want to buy!

Before you roll your eyes and think that it’s just another shopping magazine, it’s not. I’ve never been a big fan of US Lucky (too many ads and the fashion never really appealed to me), or even seen a copy of Shop Etc (may it rest in peace on the old Hearst magazine building). Australia’s Shop Til You Drop magazine is improving after showing some initial promise… but my heart always goes to the UK mags.

There is a mix of high end fashion items in Happy, as well as equally stylish mid range products. There is no cheap and nasty copies of amazing designer gear – after all who wants to see cheap and nasty designer rip offs around the streets?

For those of you who aren’t convinced by my gushing, pick up a copy of Happy (if you can hunt it down outside of the UK – it took me months to actually find it in a newsagents, now that I have the guy who works there knows I spend way too much on mags a month).

Don’t judge the magazine by its website though – there isn’t much for the readers on the website unfortunately.