Chanel’s Black Satin to be restocked in US stores today!

Department stores in the America will be able to start going through their waiting lists for Chanel’s Black Satin nail polish when the limited edition cult favorite nail polish is restocked today.

With Black Satin going for $50 on eBay (for a nail polish that retails at US$18), fans will be breathing a sigh of relief. This would also mean that Sarah Michelle Geller won’t be tempted to pilfer other people’s Chanel Black Satin nail polish anymore.

Chanel introduced Black Satin to the market in late July and Dominique Moncourtois, Chanel’s international director of makeup creation, admitted he was surprised by the demand. “I was surprised myself,” he said. “Don’t ask me why, I don’t have a crystal ball. I didn’t know it would be so fashionable.”

Chanel, employing technology inspired by the luxury-car industry, developed Black Satin to replicate the depth and shine of satin ribbons used by the original Coco Chanel. With its silver undertones, it is a shade different from Vamp, the other big Chanel black nail polish, which took off in 1994 after Karl Lagerfeld showed models sporting black nails on the runway.

“Vamp was a surprise as well,” Mr. Moncourtois said, noting that Vamp, which is black with deep red undertones, remains the 9th or 10th best seller of Chanel’s 30 colors.


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