The magazines go grey with Mischa, Lindsay and Melissa

I know grey is a major trend for the upcoming seasons, but when three of Australia’s biggest fashion magazines go grey in the space of two months you really have to wonder if their using the same Art department.

Though I do love the new issue of Vogue Australia though. It’s spring-y, has lots of pictures of great fashion and great articles about things I actually want to read about.

Harpers Bazaar used a old photo from a photo shoot in the July issue of American Harpers Bazaar for the cover. Keep in mind it is spring in Australia now that cover looks not so spring-y.

And the Marie Claire had a free Dior Show mascarra… and I was running low.

Oh the excuses me make to justify buying lots of magazines… thinking of which, I haven’t bought UK Vogue for a while… must go hunt one down tomorrow.