Sarah Michelle Gellar steals… nail polish

L to R: Sarah Michelle Gellar at Manolo Blahnik’s Personal Appearance At Bergdorf Goodman, at the Marchesa Spring 2007 Fashion Show, and Marie Claire’s “Haute Shopping Soho”

She’s starring in a movie called Addicted, so why not be get a little addicted with black nail polish. And it’s not just any black nail polish, Chanel black nail polish.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was ‘outed’ by her publicist at Marie Claire’s Haute Shopping Party in New York for stealing a bottle of her cult Black Satin polish.

“Want to know what she’s obsessed with? Chanel black nail polish! It’s sold out in the United States. She stole some from someone,” Leslie Sloane Zelnik revealed to Lowdown as Gellar listened at Wednesday’s Marie Claire Haute Shopping party in the SoHo loft of financier Henry Buhl. Patting her black shoulder bag, Zelnik added, “I have it in my purse.”

The diminutive actress and Marie Claire cover girl – teetering on 4-inch Prada platform pumps that she insisted are “the most comfortable shoes I own” – told Lowdown: “My publicist just ratted me out for being the thief that I actually am! But when you’re talking about black Chanel nail polish, what are you going to do?”

If you have to be obsessed with something then it had better be Chanel I say.

Shame that Chanel’s Black Satin nail polish has a virtually limited-edition status since they released it.

Gellar has been spotted wearing nothing but black nail polish in the last few days, going from fashion week show to fashion week events with her vamp coloured nails.


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