Isaac Mizrahi the new face of StriVectin-SD

“Men trust Isaac just as much as women do,” explained StriVectin-SD brand rep Gina Gay in a statement. “Men actually like Isaac, and find him engaging.”

Isaac Mizrahi (pictured above) will star in TV, radio and print campaigns for the brand, as well as making store appearances and being involved in other live marketing.

The StriVectin-SD anti-wrinkle products will be targeted towards men and will debut in the US next month. The campaign staring the fashion designer / TV star is the first time the brand has used a celebrity to endorse its products.

And what a slightly controversial celebrity at that.

Mizrahi turned more than a few heads when the openly gay star groped Scarlett Johansson’s breast on the Golden Globes red carpet in January.

The endorsement campaign is not the only thing Mizrahi has in the pipeline, the busy fashion designer is also launching a biannual magazine titled Isaac’s Style Book.