I’ll take one in red, one croc skin and a ostrich skin please Mr Ferragamo

We all know about the custom Hermes bags, and we… well I know that I will never be able to get a customized one, let alone a ‘plain’ Birkin or Kelly bag.

But if I wanted to, I could get a cutomised Salvatore Ferragamo bag though.

Starting in October, fans of the Italian label will be able to play a part in creating their own Ferragamo handbag. They will be spoilt for choice with 16 colours, 50 colour combinations, and four exotic skins – crocodile, lizard, ostrich, and python. There will be different sizes available and you can through in some extra hardware.

Once you’ve decided what combination you want, the bag will be made and delivered to your doorstep in 12 to 16 weeks.

Much better than the 12 month plus wait at Hermes.