Gwyneth Paltrow does her bit for charity at Prada

It’s good to see stars actually paying for their purchases in designer stores.

Gwyneth Paltrow was snapped the other day shopping with her RED American Express credit card at Prada.

The American Express RED has only launched in the UK and the American Express will donate a percentage of your yearly spend to Global Fund financed programs in Africa which helps support women and children affected by HIV/AIDS

It’s amusing to see that Gwyneth walks out of Prada flashing the credit card though… staged much?

Though it isn’t the only charity work she is doing…

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  • Dlooa says:

    just discovered your site yeeratdsy and have already been back several times need to spend more time trying the recipes rather than reading them! would also love a chance to see if gwyneth’s book lives up to the hype

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