Gemma Ward, supermodel and now actress

We’ve seen her on the cover of many fashion magazines and catwalks around the world, and now Gemma Ward is set to make her feature debut starring opposite Liv Tyler in a Rogue Pictures’ suspense thriller, The Strangers.

The movie, written and directed by Bryan Bertino, is about a couple in a romote surburban house who are targeted by three masked strangers. Tyler is the female half of the couple, while Ward will play one of the masked strangers.

Production is due to start in Autumn, with a tentative release date set for October 2007.

It’s amazing how much the 18 year old model can squeeze into her schedule with New York Fashion Week in a matter of days. Though she did manage to find time to do a spot of shopping at the temporary Polaroid Lounge at Marquee.

With a selection of T-Mobile Sidekicks, Kitson jeans, Luxottica eyewear, and Linea Pelle belts available, the supermodel only had eyes for the eye-catching Lia Sophia jewelry collection that had the supermodel swooning, said The Daily.

In a matter of minutes, she snagged a $2,200 black Swarovski crystal-encrusted necklace, double tear-dropped cuffs at $475 a pop, and diamante stretch bracelets valued at $900 each. “Gotta get those jewels for Fashion Week,” reminded the line’s designer, Dani Stahl.