Apparently models and actresses stay thin with Crystal Meth – dealt to them by their stylist

In an interview with Liz Jones, Paige Adams-Geller told the Daily Mail her thoughts on how actresses (and models) stay so thin.

“I kept wondering why I would see an actress one week and she would look normal, and the next she would look gaunt, and I found out it is all down to crystal meth [which suppresses the appetite] the latest must-have accessory here in LA.” She also told me the name of the ‘celebrity stylist’ who is now suddenly so in demand, simply because she also acts as the stars’ drug dealer.

According to gossip columnists, the former model who now designs her own range of jeans, Adams-Geller, was pointing the finger at celebrity “one-look” stylist Rachel Zoe.

With super thin actresses and starlets like Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton on her client list, who knows. Maybe Lindsay’s frequent ‘accidents’ that lead to hospital stays aren’t just for broken bones?

It could also explain why the 33 year old stylist looks a bit older than her years….