Sarah Jessica Parker’s new scent – Liquid Satin

The Province says that because Oprah told Sarah Jessica Parker that she doesn’t wear perfume, SJP then turns around and makes a ‘Lovely’ scented body butter called O So Rich Body Butter to be released in September.

That is going to be followed up a month later with Lovely Liquid Satin – a silicone-laced liquid that is smooth as silk on the skin.

“I wanted to make Liquid Satin a real sensory experience when you slip it on,” says Parker.

I guess she should get kudos for doing something different with fragrance.

Just like her ‘different’ July 06 Good Housekeeping cover (pictured right).

It is so different from Carrie in SATC its hilarious. As GoFugYourself says… the makeup artists or someone at Good Housekeeping must not be fond of her…