New Face of L’Oreal – Diane Keaton is still worth it at 60

At one of the spectrum, L’Oreal face, Scarlett Johannson, is designing gear for Reebok and is at the very beginning of her acting career. And on the other end we have the Oscar winning actress, Diane Keaton, as the face of L’Oreal’s Age Perfect.

In an on set interview, Diane tells women that they’re worth it while promoting L’Oréal’s new Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Moisturizer. Because it makes her skin resilient, toned, and re-densified.

“I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this L’Oréal family of strong, intelligent women,” Keaton said in an on-set interview. “I like the idea of women being empowered and I also feel that we are ‘worth it’ — of course we’re worth it!”