Mischa Barton in Australia next week for DJs – the dates!

You’ve all read that Mischa Barton is due in Australia for her AUD$100,000 front row appearance for Australia’s premier department store, David Jones. (Hopefully she will be looking a lot more interested than she is pictured above in London.)

I’ve received many an email and comments from Mischa fans asking what time and date will she be at David Jones.

Well so far I haven’t heard anything from their PR people who do the publicity for the David Jones Collection launches. But the Sydney VIP launch is on August 9th, at Wharf 8, Hickson Road (Darling Harbour).

And the Melbourne VIP launch should be on August 17th, I’m not sure what the location is, but previous seasons have been launched at the Melbourne Town Hall.

The shows for both nights usually start at around 7:30, so the stars will be doing their walk down the red carpet and hour or so before then!

Mischa also has an instore appearance at David Jones Bourke St store in Melbourne on August 10th, 1pm on the first floor at the ladies department.

And again – if I hear anything more, I’ll let you all know!


  • Emma says:

    1pm! Ohhh no

  • valeria says:

    what time will she leave

  • claudia says:

    im from australia and have entered the competion to win a vip pass to go to the cocktail party for the new season of david jones new lauch of apparel it seems to me that myer and david jones are competing she will be at the launch august 9th in sydney

  • katerina says:

    OMG she is actually coming…im so xsited!!!!
    Now r u POSITIVE that she is going to be at david jones(melbourne,Bourke st.) at 1:00PM???
    thank you lots

  • Ahmed says:


  • chantelle says:

    im from sydney and want to see her.
    anyone know of public appearances
    or if we will actually be able to see her on red carpett

  • drew says:

    Does anyone know how I can get myself into the competition to win VIP passes to the launch party? (altho it’s probably too late anyway)

    I really really want to see Mischa!

    ALSO, does anyone know more details about where she’ll be in Sydney? Or whether we’ll be able to see her at Wharf 8 or at what time she’ll be there?

  • Vanessa says:

    Mishca is deffinately coming to David Jones on thursday the 10th at 1pm till 2pm she will be signing autographs.. theres no point going its not like you will have time to actually see her think about it how many ppl r gna go n line up b4 u!

  • Vanessa says:

    sorry i forgot to say that is for melbourne… i thnk she has alredy visited sydney today or tomorow

  • jasmin says:

    Hi is mischa definatly coming to warf 8 on Wednesday at 6:30-7:00 ?? is it open for the public for photos and autographs? tks

  • katie says:

    i was wondering what time does david jones open?..
    and do you think it will be a mazzive line to see her ?

  • Jason says:

    Hey thanks i was looking for what time she would be at david jones! Im gonna go check her out at 1!? haha -YAY
    I entered the comp’ to see her but im guessin i didn’t win… 🙁

  • Katharina says:

    OMG i am soo pisses of that i dont live in sydney. Is mischa coming to Perth, that would be like my dream come true?
    luv from kat!! MwA

  • Katharina says:

    sox i wrote pissed wron lol ummm. I soo hope Mischa comes to Perth. Andd um who ever im writing this to how do i enter the comp and say hi to her ( anybody ) from katarina if tyou have time thanks. MwA
    luv yas from kat

  • Vanessa says:

    OMGG i saw her today! shez soo gorjus and shes soo nice she signed almost every1s posters!! they only let the first 150 ppl get her autographs and the rest r only aloud to see her walk dwn n stuff but wen she walks dwn she WILL sign ur poster trust me! shes not that tall though.. but she waz beautiful and so was megan gale.. but megan WONT sign unless ur 1 of those 150 ppl… shes a bit stuck up but mischa is soo nice OMG im so happy =]

  • michelle says:

    omggg i saww mischa today she was so beautifull and very nice.. i didnt get an autograh but i was very happy to see her but sad cause i really want it to get an autograh for her.. megan gale was so beautifull too they both are really stunning girls..

  • Ashleigh says:

    I saw mischa yesterday!! shes so beutiful and i love her i got to give her a hug and she gave me a kiss on the cheek as well..it was a long wait 6 hours in line but it was worth it mischa your gorjous!

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