Love the KenzoAmour bottle

The KenzoAmour bottle was designed by Karim Rashid, in reminiscence of creations by a famous Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancuzi. And I must admit it is a very clever idea to have three different colours for each different sized Eau de Parfum – Orange is 3.4 oz., White is 1.7 oz. and Fuchsia is 1 oz..

I’m sold on the modern and sleekness of the bottle alone – and I haven’t even had the chance to smell the scent!

I must admit that I love Kenzo scent’s (my favourite is Flower), so when they claimed that it was a Japanese cherry blossom and frangipani blend I thought fantastic. But after a bit of research it seems that the floral scent last for about 30 seconds, then it smells like a bland white tea/vanilla mix.

That said… I wouldn’t mind the white bottle… or the pink one. But then I’d need the orange one to make it all look pretty together.

Oh the decisions! If you can decide which bottle you want, KenzoAmour is available now at Nordstrom.